Data Recovery Milwaukee

Recover data from your damaged hard drive with the help of Mac data recovery Milwaukee

The RAID data recovery Milwaukee help you recover damaged data of broken RAID arrays. Founded in the year, 2005 as I.T. Connect, ITC Data Recovery is a division of Spring City Consulting Group Inc. The Data Recovery division of the company was re-branded in the year 2014 and started its business operations under the trade name of ITC Data Recovery Lab. ITC Data Recovery offers clean-room data recovery services both locally Milwaukee Metropolitan area via walk-in service area and nationally via mail-in service. Waukesha, Wisconsin headquarters located at 1701-11 Pearl Street is the place where all the clean-room services are provided. The company also has a branch in Milwaukee at the address 250 E. Wisconsin Ave in Downtown Milwaukee. It is from this place that the technicians are dispatched or the clean-room work is couriered back to the main office in Waukesha. It is not just RAID you can also mac data recovery Milwaukee services and also data recovery from all types of damaged hard drives as they help you recover your data if you experience any kind of hard disk failure. ITC Data Recovery is the right place for recovering your data without much loss or zero loss. ITC Data Recovery company has grown to such an extent that today, it recovers more data in a year when compared to all of the other companies in the Milwaukee metropolitan area combined. ITC Data Recovery boasts of clients that include many of the area’s IT consulting firms as well as Fortune 500 companies, small business owners and individuals.


There is absolutely no need to ship your server to any other place to recover the data as the company's ISO certified/Class 100 clean room, data recovery lab and expert certified staff are located in Waukesha, WI. Therefore, you can get all your recovered data faster than anybody else can. ITC Data Recovery team specializes in recovering data from corrupt or broken RAID arrays and servers and also in recovery of RAID arrays with multiple failed or missing member disks. The also specialize in VMWare recovery. The expert team of the company says that they have never encountered a situation where a server, VM or RAID device isn’t fully recoverable. However, even if they happen to encounter one in the future, they are confident of getting the data back using some steps that can improve the chances of data recovery. In case you have a problem with hard drive crash, you can just call up the staff to find out the details. The courteous and experienced staff will collect all the necessary information from you and also provide you with an initial estimate over phone.

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